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Black Male Moguls Visit Nashville

This year, Nashville had the opportunity to host the NFL Draft. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flocked to Nashville for this momentous occasion. In an outlying suburb of Nashville, Antioch, at the men’s clothing boutique, Phatkaps, Drake Blair hosted an exclusive pop-up shop featuring two, Black-owned businesses.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the owners of both businesses and learning more about their brands, their personalities, and their values.  

Deion Sanders Jr. donned a silk Well Off top with the brand logo in the top left corner. The piece comes from his Well Off Bedroom Set and is a testament to his mantra, “we do it our way.” He described the Well Off brand as being non-traditional and not following the rules or any seasonal trends. His clothing line is comprised of t-shirts, shorts, jackets, hats, and so much more. He is looking to expand the apparel line to include women’s clothing as well, in the near future.

The pop-up shop featured limited edition Draft Day apparel, including a customized Prime Time t-shirt of the sports legend, Deion Sanders, with Nashville text on the back of the shirt. Deion Sanders Jr. is not only the owner of a clothing line, but he also owns and runs Well Off Media and Well Off Marketing. All of Deion Sanders Jr.’s businesses are important to him, but he states that his non-profit, Never Quit, Never Die, is his true passion. The non-profit organization focuses on assisting inner-city children and their families. He states, “I want to help the hood out.. because there aren’t equal resources….(or) equal opportunities.”

We also had the opportunity to speak with professional athlete and CEO of Britain’s first Black-owned Cigar line, Mike Edwards. Edwards was sporting a tailored gray suit. Upon first impression, his tall stature, British accent, and kind demeanor stand out. He spoke of his brand Aireyys, which carries male maintenance products, in addition to cigars. He prides himself on being dapper and wanted to create premium grooming products for men; one of the products on display at Phatkaps was Aireyys’ Dark Horse Beard Oil.

In celebration of the NFL Draft, Edwards introduced Aireyy’s Victory Cigar Box. The Victory Cigar Box, is an all red box with a photo on the inside cover that features a celebratory moment of Edwards winning his first British title as a high jumper. Edwards describes the Victory Cigar as a cigar for special occasions and celebrations, hence why the NFL Draft was the perfect time to debut Aireyy’s Victory Cigar Box. After the NFL Draft, Edwards and the Aireyys’ brand will be heading to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby — more moments of celebration, athleticism, and cigars.

If you are interested in staying connected with or supporting these businesses, feel free to visit their websites (www.WellOff.Luxury and www.Aireyys.com) or Instagrams (@WellOffForever and @Aireyys). 

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